Exceptional media & communications facilitator (aka, “Dean – he’s a media guy.  He knows the business side, the creative and product side, and speaks in plain English”).  Creator of enhanced value in media properties via research, program development, and implementation.

Change Agent.   Management Consultant.   Researcher.  Project leader and manager in:

Marketing /  Sales /  Promotion  /  Content  /  Communications Strategy

A keen understanding of consumer perceptions, enterprise initiative, bottom-line focus, and an ability to operate in both the technical and creative arenas with equal ease and effectiveness. 

Need to get a message out?  Need to use media?  Need to devise media strategy?  Need new programming?  Need market insight?  Need to do some Focus Group research?  Need to get a line on how your  audience perceives your product?  Need to optimize your site or your site’s search results?  Need to communicate with your audience, your prospects, your users, your public, your clients or your associates?  Need to have the numbers (metrics, ratings, CPC, CPM, SEO, SEM, etc.) explained to you or your people?   Need to get all your departments working toward the common overall goal? 

If the answer to any of those questions is yes, then you need to call Dean Landsman.

Senior Distributed Media & Communications Consultant with experience developing and implementing solutions for broadcast, internet, print and other media, products and services.   Planning and applying solutions to enhance recall, increase usage, and maintain positive perception. Primary talents are assembling and managing ambitious teams, creating new products that customers/audiences love, and selling new ideas.  Proven success in new business, managing production, analysis and research.  Entrepreneurial and focused on leading-edge thinking with bottom-line results.  A change agent who makes the process a fluid and productive endeavor.

Blogging since 1999.  On the net since 1990.  In the media/marketing/research biz in one way or another since 1967.



Disc jockey

program director

news director

music director

program consultant

format developer

marketing consultant


sales & value enhancement: media

focus groups specialist

arbitron analyst

marketplace analyst/strategist

metrics number cruncher

radio station owner

consultant to broadcast chains, stations

special consultation with record companies

vp marketing & sales (telecom)

voip evangelist & early adopter

pioneering blogger

site optimization pro

business development

understanding new tech/ new media

marketing professional

podcaster, podcast consultant, strategist

a guy who understands user , tech, and biz viewpoints



e-mail: dean (at)