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This site provides an overview into the areas of interest and operations of Landsman Communications Group. You'll find Case Studies, blog links, Opinion Papers, and White Papers we've published here and in other areas.
You'll find examples and discussion of of work done in Communications and Media. This spans a variety industry segments: Radio, Podcasting, Internet, Telecommunications, Record Companies, Marketing, Research.

      Dean Landsman
Dean Landsman

I've spoken at many meetings, conferences, seminars, etc. In the past 12 months I've given seminars on blogging, spoken about podcasting, strategic media and internet planning, and participated on a number of panels covering New Media, Web 2.0, Social Networks, Network Analysis, and how to use the web as a part of an integrated media strategy.

In 2005 LCG introduced a subsidiary company, Central Podcasting™ to answer the many calls coming in for guidance and consultation in podcasting strategy, production, show format structure, and hardware and software queries.

About me

As a Media, Marketing and Communications professional, I enable successful delivery and transmission and distribution of information. This can be content, messages, ideas, promotion, entertainment, inter-departmental data, or simply conveying an intended message, thought or idea, from one source to another. That can be one to one, one to many, or in participatory or collaborative efforts, many to many.

Years of program devlopment, market research, promotional and introductory implementation result in a keen understanding of both the user (receiver) side as well as the sender (transmitter) side. I consider the goals and intent of the originating communicator, as well as the user-experience and environment of those on the receiving end. I work with my clients in a cooperative effort.

We plan, we create, we conduct research, we may also do some testing. Then we review, evaluate, and when necessary we revise or even rethink the entire project. Consistency is important, as is variety. A blend that maintains a consistent yet fresh message --or manner of communicating -- is the perfect blend.

In this site, you'll find:
Posts from DeanLand (my blog since 1999), and other places around the web.

Case Studies  
Descriptions of client projects and accomplishments in a variety of media thoughout the years.
A non-traditional. resume, ultimately creating a tree-like view of my business career.
From Opinions

Freedom To Connect
Freedom To Connect (aka "F2C"), David Isenberg's conference, is consistently a superb event. Here's my initial recap of the 2006 meeting. This year the theme was Net Neutrality. This issue should be a matter of concern to every American who uses the net. Cherish the access you have now, before Cable and Telco prices skyrocket and "content based charges" become the norm. Check out David Isenberg's blog for more information.

What's in it Four Meme?
The "four this and four that" meme has meandered all around the blogosphere. I was tagged to post my "fours" and I tagged four others, to spread the meme. Actually I was recently tagged again. That's twice. If I get tagged two more times, do I have to post it all over again?

The Culture of Connectivity and Immediacy
A white paper I posted on Morph, the blog of The Media Center at the American Press Institute. It examines social culture changes as the impact of ubiquitous computing and connectivity become more pervasive throughout our everyday lives.

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